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Buy Dipropylene Glycol

What is dipropylene glycol?
Dipropylene glycol is a colorless, nearly odorless liquid with a high boiling point and low toxicity. Propylene glycol and Dipropylene glycol are derived from the same chemical process, with water added to propylene oxide. However, the molecular structure and chemical composition of each is very different.

What are the common uses of dipropylene glycol?

Dipropylene glycol is used as a plasticizer for industrial chemical reactions, as a polymerization initiator, and as a solvent.  It is a common ingredient for commercial fog fluids used in fog machines, plus it is also an ideal additive for perfumes, skin and hair products.

What beauty and skincare products use dipropylene glycol?
Dipropylene glycol is commonly used as an ingredient in the formulation of:
   * Perfumes and colognes
   * Skin care (creams, lotions, sun-care products)
   * Deodorants/antiperspirants (roll-on, stick deodorants)
   * Hair care (shampoos, conditioners, styling, coloring products)
   * Shaving products (creams, foams, gels, after-shave lotions)
   * Bath and shower products

Why is dipropolyne glycol used in these products?
  As an organic chemical compound, it is frequently used as solvent. It acts as a carrier as well as a diluent, or a compound used to dilute the strength of fragrance oils. Dipropylene glycol can bind and carry both essential oils and fragrance oils (blended essential oils).

 In perfumes, this compound works by attaching to the fragrance molecules and making them slower to disperse. The strength of a perfume can be changed by raising or lowering the ratio of dipropylene glycol in the formula.

What are the different grades of Dipropylene Glycol?
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) comes in two grades: fragrance grade (DPGF) and industrial grade. Dipropylene glycol, fragrance grade is commonly used as a carrier for fragrances. Dipropylene glycol, industrial grade (DPG), with almost identical properties, is frequently used in resins and cleaner formulations where low odor is not as critical.

How safe is it to use Dipropylene Glycol?
DPGF is reported as an ingredient in cosmetic formulations, including hair care and bath products, perfumes, facial makeup, deodorants, shaving and skin care preparations, ranging up to 50%. DPG has a relatively low hazard profile, based on a substantial toxicity database which has been summarized by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel.

How do I store Dipropylene Glycol?
Due to its low vapor pressure, toxicity and flammability, DPG presents no special handling problems. However, overexposure or spillage should be strictly avoided as a matter of good safety practice. DPG may require storage facilities designed to prevent moisture intrusion because of its hygroscopic nature. Storage vessels and transfer lines of mild steel may be used if slight increases in color and trace iron levels are not objectionable. Stainless steel, aluminum and/or mild steel vessels with baked phenolic or epoxy-phenolic linings are recommended to promote long-term storage and to maintain high quality.

Dipropylene glycol (DPG) is a colorless and odorless compound, composing of three isomeric chemical compounds: 4-oxa-2,6-heptandiol, 2-(2-hydroxy-propoxy)-propan-1-ol, and 2-(2-hydroxy-1-methyl-ethoxy)-propan-1-ol. Having a chemical formula of C6H14O3, dipropylene glycol has a molar mass of 134.173 g/mol and a CAS number of 25265-71-8. DPG’s official IUPAC names are 4-oxa-2,6-heptandiol and 4-oxa-1,7-heptandiol. DPG is soluble in water and ethanol while insoluble with ether and benzene.

Dipropylene glycol is a chemical intermediate for a lot of industrial applications. You can buy it either as regular grade or as lo+. The regular variant is a popular plasticizer, reactant for unsaturated polyurethane resins to add flexibility and hydrolytic stability, initiator for urethane polyols, and reactive diluent for radiation-cured resins and coating to decrease viscosity and enable easy application. Dipropylene glycol is also an additive for hydraulic brake fluid formulations, cutting oils, textile lubricants, printing inks, coatings, industrial soaps, and agricultural solvents.However, the LO+ variant is a highly pure product for odor-sensitive applications like cosmetics and perfumes. This odorless dipropylene glycol is distilled with a purity of greater than 99.5 percent. It is an ideal solvent for perfumes, colognes, lotions and body creams, deodorants, shampoos, shaving creams, and bath gels.

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